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Shine & Protect Combo Kit

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When long-lasting shine and maximum protection are imperative, you’ve got to go with quality products. Combat tested: Cristal Products Wash N’ Wax is a blend of the best carnauba wax available with superior protection that adheres to your car and forms a secure shield protecting your paint against swirls, scratches, and discoloration. Warrior selected: Cristal Products Untouchable Wet Tire Gel Finish, an ultra-thick, silicon-based, advanced formula engineered for a long-lasting shine that last up to 12 days and maximum protection. Also includes one microfiber cloth and one drying chamois.

These two weapons–Wash N’ Wax and Untouchable Tire Shine Gel–have been paired so you can be combat-ready when the time comes to complete your mission. You’ve been briefed. Now, secure your armor. 


  • (2) Wash N' Wax 
  • (2) Untouchable Wet Tire Finish Gel