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Fluxshing Combo Kit

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For some, speed is not the most important thing. For some, it’s more about the purity of the driving experience. For some, its the clutch feel, transition speed, throttle response mixed with good weather, a good view and a freshly cleaned engine what creates the magical feeling of driving a car.

To ensure supreme shine, protection and restoration under your bonnet, we’ve created the engine dressing combo kit: Flushing Combo Kit. Just spray Cristal Products Fluxshing on engine, wipe with a clean cloth and rinse with clean water. Its powerful formula prevents cracking, fading and hardening of plastics and rubbers while leaving your bonnet looking like new.

With this much gloss and engine protection, you can live recklessly. So roll down your car window, push the gas pedal and listen to that engine sing.


  • (4) Fluxshing, 32oz.