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Sacato Engine & Machinery Degreaser

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Let’s keep it simple and go straight to the point. Tough stains are the definition of frustration. They have been the cause of plenty of scrubs, bleaching, soaks, and immense back pain over the years. Without the right product, the only thing pure elbow grease and optimism are building is even more frustration. With Cristal Products Sacató Engine & Machinery you will be able to get those stains out with no scrubbing pain. Its powerful formula uses the power of solvents, emulsifiers and other stain fighters to lift and eliminate tough grease out of nearly any surface. Just spray, wipe and rinse. 

REMOVES: Heavy Grease, Transmission Fluid, Burned Oil, Asphalt, Resins, Dirt, Scum, Grime 


  • (4) Sacató Engine & Machinery Degreaser Aerosol  

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