Use and Application

  • First make sure that tires are clean and dry.
  • Shake well before use and hold can in vertical position.
  • Then uniformly spray and maintain at least 3” inches distance from tire.
  • Leave products to dry for 3-5 minutes.
  • Do not wipe. Any excess or spill will dry up leaving a radiant shine.
  • Repeat for optimum shine. 

Untouchable Benefits

  • Protection: Gives short and long term protection. Protects the tire from fissures, dirt and repels water.
  • Lasts: Tires can last up to 10 days with an unbeatable shine.
  • Yield: You can shine up to 24 tires with just one can of 14oz.
  • Efficient: Its wide band spray gives better coverage of the tire and avoids wasting products.
  • Fragrance: Gives out a distinctive cherry fragrance.